Geomet -The Ideal CMM Retrofit System for your Manual or DCC CMMs

All Geomet versions are available as CMM retrofit packages for any manual and most DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines. Many older Software/ Computer systems still in use are very much outdated. A Geomet CMM upgrade with the latest computer, can increase your measuring power and speed by a substantial margin increasing the value and usefulness of the older CMM.

In the case of multiple installations, Geomet will unify all CMMs in your facility under one common user system. This approach lets the operator run any CMM in your shop without inhibition. This reduces training cost, downtime and delays resulting from measuring discrepancies. Geomet part programs are transferable between systems and levels and between Manual and DCC CMMs. Hardware and software interfacing is available for all major CMM brands. In some instances it is advantageous to also perform a scale retrofit. Some manual systems are "plug-ins", not requiring factory installation. DCC CMM retrofits require factory installation.

If you are considering a retrofit to your existing DCC style CMM, we have two solutions. Our traditional PMAC CMM upgrade provides full touch probe support. Our UCC2 upgrade extends your CMM capabilities to include not only touch probe applications, but also analog scanning with probes such as the SP25.


Here are some typical CMM brands we can retrofit:

Zeiss | Mitutoyo | LK | Sheffield | DEA | Numerex | Brown and Sharpe/Hexagon | IMS | Starrett

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