ACR3 autochange rack

The ACR3 forms part of the modular rack system (MRS) and is an autochange rack for probes and extension bars
that incorporate the Renishaw autojoint. The ACR3 is a four-port mechanical design that traverses the MRS rail.
Driven by the motion of the CMM, it locks and unlocks the autojoint between the probe and the probe head.

MRS kits Include:

MRS rail (see below)MRS feet (2)
125 mm legs (4)
Step back adaptors (2)

The MRS rail is available in 400 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm lengths.


Note: For 8-port applications, two 4-port racks can be connected together. The
8-port configuration requires the use of either the 600mm or 1000mm lengths.