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Geomet Software Options:

Geomet is designed to scale your needs. As your needs grow, the software can be expanded through the use of software codes which then expands your existing Geomet system to open new features.

The benefit of this approach becomes evident when expanding, or upgrading your software. Geomet is always backward compatible, period. This means your programs written in any version of Geomet for Windows will ALWAYS be current in any version of Geomet in the future. Why do we do this and other CMM software package do not? Geomet is written by experienced CMM inspectors that have had to deal with obsolete inspection programs when their CMM software is upgraded. It is a burden and high cost we want to eliminate from your bottom line. We call it the Geomet commitment to you.

Geomet - The Versions:

Geomet is designed in four basic versions.

Geomet Junior Plus- Our basic enter level 3D inspections software.

Geomet 101 Plus - Production orientated inspection software.

Geomet 301 - Full analytical inspection software.

Geomet 501 - The power of Geomet 301, plus analog contact scanning and PH20 support.

For a complete description and function breakout chart, please review the Geomet Comparison Chart.