The right CMM at the right time

Microgage is modeled on the world’s most precise machine tools, having a rigid fixed-bridge design made of steel. And like machine tools, the mechanical bearings and guide ways, along with motors and scales, are covered and protected for durability, stability, and life-long value. Bearings are classified within 120 nanometers in X and Y, and the entire structure is stress-relieved and thermally shielded as well as vibration dampened. Accuracy is intrinsic: there is no software error correction, just pure physical precision. If high precision in small and medium sized parts is your game, Microgage is the answer made simple, whether in the lab or for production. In a world going micro, Microgage has arrived! And in a world adding inspection at the point of production, Microgage is at home in that space.

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When Size Does Matter!


  • Small CMM with Ultra-High 3D Accuracy
  • Unheard of Value
  • Measure, Inspect, Scan, or Reverse-Engineer
  • Small Footprint
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Ultimate Laboratory Instrument
  • Ideal as an In-line-Line Production Gage

Finally, the highest CMM accuracies are available to everyone

Until Microgage, the cost of this level of precision has been several times higher, and the choices have been limited to much larger machines. The need for the highest precision is often found in the smallest parts, yet there has been no choice but to buy a relatively huge CMM for these tasks, wasting money and valuable floor space.

Geomet Software simplicity, yet full with analytical tools

Helmel's Geomet CMM software has been praised for more than 30 years as efficient, practical, and easy to learn and use. At the same time it provides all the tools you need to make thorough, competent dimensional evaluations of features and relationships. It is great for starters, and easy to expand to a larger pallet of tools when needed. And with in-line or line-side inspection, Geomet is a great cost-saving solution where a limited number of programs is called for.

Measuring Range

Model Number X Y Z
Microgage 200mm (8") 300mm (12") 200mm (8")
Scale Resolution .1 µm (0.000004")
MPEp 2.3 µm
MPEe 2.9+L/1000 µm
Performance per ANSI B89.4.10360.2-2008: Based on a Renishaw TP20 with 10mm stylus length, at 20° c (68° F) and 50% humidity. Accuracy is mechanically intrinsic. Volumetric software compensation or error mapping is not used.
Power Requirements : 120-240 V~, 50-60Hz, 10A, Grounded AC. Surge suppression is recommended.
Weight : 118 Kg (260 lbs)