Every Helmel CMM System includes a choice of a Probe Kit. The following Probe Kits are based on your choice of Probe Type. See our Probe Summary for a Primer on each type.


HELMEL KITS Fixed Vertical Manual Indexing Auto- Indexing Auto- Stylus Changer Auto- Probe Changer 5-Axis $
TP-ES Probe Head
PH6 Probe Head
Ο ••
PH6M Probe Head
Ο Ο ••
MH20i Probe Head
MH8 Probe Head
Ο •••
RTP Probe Head
Ο ••
PH10T PLUS Probe Head
PH10M PLUS Probe Head
Ο ••••
PH20 Probe Head
Ο •••••
*Probe Kits suitable for manual CMMs. All probe kits are Touch Trigger types except SP25M that is Tactile Scanning