The Phoenix is made for harsh environments, with well-placed covers that prevent temperature shock. Its steel measuring scales on metal structures assure uniform expansion. The Phoenix CMM incorporates all the time-proven features of its “big brother”, the Microstar: hardened precision-ground ways, dual beam bridge with reliable V-and-Flat bearing arrangement and intrinsic accuracy.

The Design of our 1M Series incorporates a hybrid bearing system with a combination of mechanical and air bearing, each utilized to take advantage of optimum performance characteristics.


Axium was developed in cooperation with a major auto manufacturer for automatic line-side gaging of crankshafts with 4-axis capability. The system is hardened for use in production, and requires minimal training for non-metrology production staff. It can be configured as a 3-axis system (less rotary axis) to fit your manufacturing needs and can provide precise, automatic dimensional measurement of cylindrical/ shaft-like parts.

Our Microstar series of CMMs covers a wider size range from 20” x 30” x 18” to 50” x 80” x 25” and are versatile units for the lab or in the shop. The ways, mechanical bearings, scales and motors are shielded or guarded against harsh environments. All are available with a range of probe systems and software choices.

Who we are

Helmel Engineering is the last original American Coordinate Measuring Machine builder, privately owned, with deep historical roots and a bright future, still going strong producing a broad range of moving bridge stationary CMMs, Shaft Measuring Machines, software and systems. Partnering with Helmel you will have a CMM with integrity, durability, reliability, solid return on investment, low cost of ownership and the best support in the industry.


We are a fully integrated company who designs, builds, installs, trains, services and supports our systems. We manufacture in New York and have a sales and service office in California, plus dealers around the globe. Our seasoned staff combined has centuries of experience and intimate knowledge with our systems, and we have maintained our supplier relationships that go back decades, some to our beginning in 1973.