FixOptix Optical Comparator Fixture Kit (inches)

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FixOptix Optical Comparator Fixture Kit (inches)

The FixOptix modular fixture system for optical comparators is the first of it's kind. The kit is economical and very functional, allowing a great variety of part staging fixtures to be built. The system can mimic traditional fixtures like Vee-blocks, vises and centers. It also allows the user to create an infinite variety of fixtures to stage parts that are not easily held by traditional fixtures.

Includes the following components:

(1) #OFB-18: 18” fixture base
(2) #OFBH: Hold downs
(2) #CS75-1: 1” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-1.5: 1.5” length x .750” dia. standoff
(2) #CS75-2: 2” length x .750” dia. standoff
(2) #CLR6: 150mm risers, engraved w/6 t-slots
(4) #CAC-901: Right angle t-nuts with (6) tooling holes
(3) #VRCTN-1: Ridged corner t-nut
(2) #STB-1: Sliding t-nut block with (2) threaded holes
(4) #CCLL75: Conical locator, .750” base dia. w/post
(3) #CTSC01: Self wedging tail-spring clamp
(3) #CR4025T: Stainless clamp rod, 4” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
(1) #CR8025T: Stainless clamp rod, 8” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
(7) #CLN025: ¼-20 locknut
(7) #CTN1-1: T-nut, 1.5” w/ (2) 1/4-20 threaded holes
(4) #CAR0251: Stainless adjustable rest, dome top, 1/4-20
(1) #CMJS01: Mini jack-screw, stainless w/ 1/4-20 post
(30) #C3125-5: 5/16” x ¼-20 set screw with nylon tip
(1) Plastic case for components
(1) OPTIONAL: #RVS-1: Rotary Vise (shown in detailed images)