The new PH10T PLUS motorized probe head allows complete, rapid, and repeatable inspection of most complex components with minimum human intervention. Full orientation of your TP2, TP6, TP20 or TP200 probe between any of 720 positions, under manual or program control, turns your 3 axis CMM into a 5 axis machine.

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PH10T PLUS probe and extension options

Technical Specifications

Weight 645 g (22 oz)
CMM mounting Helmel Shank
Probe mounting M8 thread
Head controller PHC10-3 PLUS, UCCT3 PLUS or UCCS3
Repeatability of position 0.4μ (0.00002 in) specified at a distance of 100mm (3.94 in) from the A-axis center of rotation
Cycle time:

7.5 ° move 90 ° move

2.5 seconds 3.5 seconds
Total angular movement:

A axis B axis

0 ° to 105 ° in 7.5 ° steps ±180 ° in 7.5 ° steps
Total number of positions 720
Maximum extension bar 300mm (11.8 in) using PEL4 extension
Temperature operating range 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)