The Renishaw UCC2 expands the capabilities of the Helmel line of Direct Computer Control CMMs. These new capabilities include:

I++ / DME

I++/DME is an initiative sponsored by Audi, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen and Volvo with the objective of increasing efficiency, reducing manufacturing times and costs by reaching the interoperability of software and hardware components utilized in automated Dimensional Inspection.

I++/DME is an interface that allows to run a dimensional inspection part program on different co-ordinate measuring machines, independently from the brand, provided that this standard is supported by the specific CMM.


Scanning Technology

Renishaw has developed a suite of tools that enables seamless integration of your CMM and a variety of scanning tools. We have built those tools into the Geomet CMM Software package providing unparalleled Reverse Engineering and Inspection capabilities.

The SP25, shown here, can be mounted in a fixed head, such as the PH6M or attached to the PH10M PLUS motorized probe head. This system provides touch and scanning services as well as module changing capabilities.



Revo: 5-Axis Scanning. Extend the capabilities of your CMM by adding 5-Axis scanning. The Revo provides surface scanning using an innovative sweep action that minimizes the CMM dynamic errors by moving in a controlled and constant speed. The Revo follows the surface, the CMM moves the Revo.

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