Keystroke Magic:

The Keystroke Magic key label user interface allows for efficient direct access to Geomet measuring functions! Thanks to Geomet® with Keystroke Magic your Coordinate Measuring Machine can realize its potential for fast, accurate quality assurance.

Geomet is high analytical, yet simple to operate. The custom key labels are dedicated to specific 3D measurement functions and reduce the complexities of 3D geometry to simple terms. No more complicated menus, multiple Windows or alphanumeric codes to clutter your work space.

Geomet is available in different levels of sophistication – all with GD&T solutions made easy. It can be retrofitted to Helmel old or new CMM’s whether manual or CNC/DCC.

You success depends on the consistent quality of your product. Fast, accurate inspection is one of the keys.

For additional information. please see the Geomet site for Introduction to Keystroke Magic.