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Manual Mode:

Geomet is a true self-teach inspection system. Part programs are simply created when the first part is inspected. The file is saved and may be used to inspect the next part without further input. Numerous editing tools allow changing sequences and values, add instructions, nominal and tolerance values.

When running a program the operator is prompted to the next feature to be measured via a highly visible command in the prompt area and via highlighting of that feature in the graphical area, since the part was "drawn" when first inspected. The graphical display serves as a roadmap for the inspection sequence.

Direct Computer Control (DCC) Mode:

DCC programs are generated the same way by measuring the first part via joystick or even by hand. Intermediate motion points (IPs) have to be added by pushing a button on the joystick pendant. These will guide the CMM to the features and around the part and obstacles when running.

Powerful editing tools provide full interactive motion path editing either on-the-fly or after the run. Data and sequences can be modified. The operator has to avoid possible collisions.

In addition to handling all standard prismatic features, Vector Point Profiling allows for non-prismatic surfaces.