Organize the Display:

Much thought has been given to the screen layout to avoid the “clutter” that is so prevalent in some software. Present day computer power and graphical technology set no limits to the screen layout. Measuring is, in most cases, still a process to efficiently detect out-of-tolerance conditions. If a screen presentation is too colorful or too busy it drowns out the red or other graphical means indicating this very condition.

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The Geomet screen is divided into textual and graphical area, well-proportioned for their intended purpose. System Status, Prompts and helpful user information appears reliably when and where needed. To avoid confusion whatever is not relevant to the task at hand is not shown. The operator has the option to have either the text or the graphical area cover the whole screen. The former is an advantage when you run a part program and wish to better view the results. There will be times when viewing a larger graphical presentation of the part is desirable. As each feature is measured it is drawn in 3D in wire frame or solid rendering. Size, location, attitude and projections are to scale and are consistent with ANSI Y14.5M principles.

The System Status and Prompt area is extremely useful. It tells the operator clearly what to do next and indicates important conditions of the measurement being executed, like active Part Coordinate System, Cartesian/Polar, active Stylus number and IN/mm.